There seem to be a lot of birds nesting in the garden. I’ve spotted blue and great tits, and possibly long tailed tits, goldfinches, robins, sparrows and blackbirds. Hopefully wrens and hedge sparrows too. Sadly  our mallard duck has been frightened away, and now a crow has twice raided a mistle thrush nest in our large conifer and carried off two baby chicks. Poor thrushes; all that effort to be gone in a minute.

I positioned myself under the nest and had the fright of my life when a fledgeling cascaded out of the best and landed at my feet. I couldn’t put the baby back into the nest to face a certain death, so I contacted the Wallasey hedgehog rescue and they have come to the rescue and taken the baby mistlethrush – surprisingly the RSPB don’t offer local rescue centres.