Over 50 members and guests from Tatton Gardening Club visited on Saturday. Needless to say the weather the previous week had been vile, and my garden helper had not been able to come when needed, so I felt very unprepared for visitors. Paul worked like a slave tidying up the plant store and clearing out the polytunnel, so we could accommodate our guests in it and serve up a cuppa. The winds were so strong that there was no chance of putting up the gazebos.

However, although overcast, the rain stayed off and our visitors were very relaxed and easy going and were a pleasure to have in the garden. Organisers Mary and Sheila did a grand job. It was so nice to meet such enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardeners, and I hope they enjoyed visiting us.

The money raised will go to the National Gardens Scheme.

THE TEAPOT: We borrowed a large teapot from our village café in Thornton Hough, where our visitors were going for lunch.   My main concern was that they take the teapot with them – otherwise no tea at the café. No need to worry though, the teapot was remembered and taken away by our visitors – anyone observing would no doubt be quite bemused at  spotting a group of  people walking along the road clutching a large teapot!