As usual August has flown past and here we are in Autumn. There’s still lots of things to do in the garden – when isn’t there? Here are some things to be getting on with:

  • At the end of the month bring in tender plants such as fuschias, pelargoniums and cannas, and keep in a frost proof place.
  • Remove all the old summer bedding from baskets and containers – this is a definite for me as my resolution this year is not to have old dead looking baskets in the garden!
  • Collect seeds from the cutting and main garden.
  • Buy bulbs for next year. I am very excited to have bought some rare narcissi bulbs of the Derwen daffodil which was found in my father’s home village in South Wales. Why not buy some smaller leaved and scented narcissi for pots and the garden to provide much needed colour and scent next year? Good ones are Thalia, Silver Chimes, Tete a Tete and W.P Milner but there are lots to choose from.
  • Most bulbs are best planted in September so they can develop roots over winter, but tulips are better planted in November onwards.
  • Lawns could be spot weeded now, and also some light scarifying.
  • Time to use us the garden produce. Apples are fabulous this year. It has apparently been one of the best years in ages, and that certainly applies here. I may try a chilli jam as I have grown lots of chillis and most are still there!

img_20160913_114841901I was looking for some hollyhock seeds and found this ladybird in the crumpled flower head – a reason to leave faded flower heads on the plant?