Under normal circumstances we love welcoming you all to the Fieldcrest festive log cabin for our Christmas Wreath workshops. With things being a bit different this year though, we won’t be able to host you all in person but we’ve come up with the next best thing – a DIY Christmas wreath kit you can make at home.

Each kit comes with all the materials you need to create a 14” foam based wreath for your front door or table centrepiece, including freshly cut foliage, wire, ribbon and step by step instructions. The kits come in three colour options and contain high quality materials.

Why not organise your friends and family into a DIY Christmas wreath making Zoom session and make your creations together?

Of if you prefer us to do that hard work, you can also order a ready-made wreath which can go straight into position. There are three colour themes to choose from to suit every taste.

Our online shop is now open for pre-orders and we’ll have the wreaths ready for collection or delivery from Wednesday 25th November (you can opt to collect at a later date if that’s a bit early!).

We’ll put together all of the wreath-making kits bespoke to order to make sure that the foliage is a fresh as possible, so make sure you order your kit at least 24 hours before you want to get started.

To make your own individual professional-wreath, or order one special ready made wreaths for yourself or a loved one, do have a look at our shop for all of the available options. Delivery in our local area is free or you are welcome to collect.

We have lots of lovely foliage here at Fieldcrest that we use in our summer floristry, but our winter wreaths are made up from the many evergreens we have in the garden. These not only look super and are long lasting in arrangements but also provide a colourful and structural presence in the garden when the perennials and deciduous trees and shrubs are bare. There are lots to choose from and now is a good time to plant. If you feel you can venture out, the garden centres and nurseries will have a lot of evergreen shrubs in stock.

Here are some of the evergreens that I wouldn’t do without:
Holly, Eleagnus, Ivy, Conifers (even the good old Leylandii), Rosemary, Myrtle (beautifully scented), Eucalyptu , Evergreen Oak, Skimmia, Euonymus, Hebe, winter flowering Heather, Hydrangea (for flower heads), Privet, Griselinia (variegated), Pittosporum.

I’ve even been thinking of making a ‘Christmas’ border including many of the above as there are many sizes, colours and shapes with the added bonus of flowers, fruits and berries on some. But for now I think I’d better focus on wreath making!

There’s still lots of work to be done if the garden, if it ever stops raining. I have ordered lots of bare rooted roses which will come at the end of this month, and it is fine to plant from now until about March. If you haven’t yet got somewhere permanent to put them you can ‘heel them in’ (i.e. put them into a vacant space, cover with soil, then plant them in their permanent position as soon as possible).

I notice that David Austin Roses are now suggesting companion plants for rose combinations online. This may be worth considering, although as I am growing mine predominantly for cutting I am going the other way and growing them in splendid isolation. Other rose suppliers I like are C and K Jones are based in Cheshire, and Harkness Roses online.

It is also time to take hardwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs and root cuttings from some perennials such as poppies, Japanese anemones, Phlox, Anchusa and Acanthus.

You can also put in more bulbs, especially tulips and ranunculus.  It’s a good time to divide perennials and plant peonies. There really is never a dull moment for a gardener!

I do hope you will consider buying one of our wreaths this year – it gives us great pleasure to spread some Christmas cheer in these uncertain times and it means a lot to us to have your support as a small local organisation.

Best wishes,

Chris and all at Fieldcrest.