With the hosepipe ban coming into force on 5 August for most of the North West of England, here are our tips to help keep your garden going.

  • If you have a lot of containers put them together to make watering easier from a watering can.
  • If buying new plants, make sure they are well watered when planted and make them a priority in the garden – or leave them in their pots with a group of others.
  • Don’t water lawns. To keep a lawn soaked will need a sprinkler (which does count as hosepipe use I’m afraid!). Trying to water lawns with a watering can will most likely just make the lawn patchy and might cause areas to scorch. Lawns are pretty tough and should bounce back when we get some rain.
  • Use any stored water from water butts or recycle washing up or bath water (no detergents!) on plants which look as if they are flagging. If you don’t have a water butt consider investing in one for next year!
  • Keep bird baths or ponds topped up as much as you can – our wildlife friends can dehydrate too and often rely on garden water sources.
  • Look up United Utilities website for more guidelines.