I gave a talk on growing culinary herbs today to a group of nine ladies. As an ex teacher it was really nice to be ‘back in the saddle’. The money raised will go to two local charities, Claire House Hospice and Clatterbridge Cancer Research.

Most of those who came already knew one another and it was a very pleasant convivial event. In a moment of sheer panic last week I sent off for a Gazebo to put in the garden so that if it rained we would have somewhere to shelter in. Luckily the weather was lovely, so my worry about being soaked to the skin and frozen with the cold proved foundless.

It has made me realise how hard it must be for those people who open their gardens for the public on a regular basis. My husband, garden helper (one day a week) and myself have used up most of our energy over the past few weeks to make sure the garden is looking good so I really must try to make sure it stays like this!

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I am doing another similar event on June 2nd. I think I may do one or two more this year, possibly giving a talk on cutting flowers for the home – wonder how my nearest and dearest will respond to that suggestion?