One plan that has been ‘put on hold’ for the moment is the new White Garden as a pair of Mallard ducks have set up home in this area and have about 8 eggs in the nest – we can’t disturb them by law, but we wouldn’t anyway as we value all of our wildlife visitors, even those holding up work in progress. This particular pair originally set up home in the herb beds. They were hidden under a Myrtle bush and I had the shock of my life when the duck flew up and off when I was weeding in the bed. They are so well camouflaged that I really didn’t see her until too late. She didn’t return, but instead found a new des. res. in the White Garden.  Fingers crossed that she can raise some ducklings.

Year on year the garden is attracting more birds, although we still don’t seem to attract huge numbers. As many will now be nesting it is important to keep feeding , providing fat balls, meal worms and seed so that the adult birds can feed and keep their strength up!