It’s our first make your own Christmas wreath session of the year here at Fieldcrest this evening and we’re very excited to get into the Christmas spirit! This year is the first time we’ve offered a range of bookable dates for groups to make their own wreaths so we’re looking forward to welcoming some Fieldcrest first timers!

We love seeing the end results once everyone has put their Christmas wreaths together but do find that even after the demo some of our groups need a bit more inspiration. This year we have plenty of resources and have scoured the craft pages for the latest designs.

For our demo wreath I’ve copied a lovely wreath picture which was on a Christmas Card from last year (thank you Sue!). I know from previous years that they will all be totally different, but I like to give guidance to those who haven’t made their own Christmas wreath before.

As well as the design for the wreath, I also spend lots of time prepping the decorations and foliage. Luckily I have all the greenery that we need ready to clip in the garden. I spent a hour yesterday and today cutting and conditioning foliage.  If you cut your own at home do be careful where you cut material from – it’s easy to leave a gaping hole in your shrubs and pruning too heavily at this time of year can damage the plants!

Watch this space for updates on the finished results from our upcoming classes (we also still have spaces on our last scheduled course of the year on December 13th if you want to join us!)