We grow a variety of cottage garden flowers in our cutting garden and select them according to what’s looking best that day.

To keep your blooms beautiful for as long as possible, here are our top tips:

1.Trim the stems

Trim 3-5cm from the base of all of the stems so they can take up water as quickly as possible. Cut at an angle to give them plenty of surface area. Re-trim 1cm and change the water every 3 days.

2. Prune away any leaves at the base of the stems

We will have taken off most of the base leaves but if there are any that will be below the water line of your vase carefully pull them off or they will get a bit smelly and fade faster!

3. Location, location, Location

Fresh flowers like natural light, but not direct sunlight or heat sources (like radiators). If you find the right spot your flowers will keep going for longer

4. Keep away from fruit

You might be surprised to learn that the gases released from fresh fruit can make your flowers wilt faster.

5. Watch out for bugs!

At Fieldcrest we garden without chemical or pesticides which means that occasionally a tiny bug or two might nestle itself into your flowers. Don’t worry they are totally harmless and can be popped outside.

6. Maintain and refresh

We like to include a wide range of flowers in each bouquet, which means that some blooms may last a little longer than others. Take out any that are past their best and either transfer your display to a smaller vase or refresh with blooms or foliage from your own garden.

We pick some of our flowers when they’re still in bud so they may take a day or so to fill out completely. This means you get to watch them bloom and enjoy them in your home for longer.