Great excitement here this week! The camera birdbox which Paul had for Christmas has now got it’s own resident Great Tit in situ. He has come every night since Tuesday and fluffs up his feathers to look like a little furry ball. I worry that he won’t be warm enough, but in truth being in this box is a great deal better than being outside and battered about by these terrible winds.
We also saw this lovely hare on Wednesday. Before coming to live in Wirral I had never seen a wild hare, and actually thought they only lived in mountain regions. Not so, they are found throughout this area. Unfortunately, their numbers are sadly declining, so I forgive them eating my flowers and veg. The mature adults are actually quite large – almost the size of a small dog, and they are beautiful shy creatures. More information about this lovely mammal can be found at The Hare Preservation Trust. One of our  photos, showing a young hare is displayed on this page: