Tuesdays 1.00 -3.30 pm

Gardening for Wellbeing

Many studies now prove that gardening and being outdoors can greatly improve wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

We have lots of different garden areas at Fieldcrest, mainly divided into individual uses/themes and welcome volunteers who would like to spend a few hours a week gardening. The land is flat and fairly easy to work.

What will volunteers do?

We have a group of lovely volunteers who come along on a Tuesday afternoon to help in the garden and do a variety of gardening jobs, plus recording, photographing and propagating.

Do I need to be an expert gardener?

No. It’s great if you know something about gardening, but most of the jobs are supervised by Chris (who usually joins in) so you’ll learn quickly and there will be lots of things to join in with. Enthusiasm, sociability and a bit of stamina is ideal as we’ll be outside and the work is often reasonably physical.

We have a lovely cabin to meet in before we start and shelter in if the weather is poor, as well as meet for tea and biscuits during our break!

If you would like to join us and learn more then please contact us for further information.