Duration: 2.5 hours

Morning, afternoon or evening


Price: £25

Gardening for Wildlife plays an important role at Fieldcrest Garden. In this course Chris will talk about how we plan and plant our borders, we will look at the different areas of the garden and we will share lots of hints and tips about gardening for the birds, bees and butterflies.

With the decline in natural habitat our gardens are becomingly increasingly important for wildlife. In the ten years we have been at Fieldcrest we always consider our wildlife visitors as much as we can.

This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in wildlife, and particularly those who would like to gardening with wildlife in mind. We will look at the lifecycle, feeding needs, homes and shelter for birds, bees and butterflies in particular, and show what we do at Fieldcrest to help wildlife.

At the end of the session you will have a good idea of basic wildlife gardening with lists of suitable plants and planting ideas. Please come prepared for being outdoors as we will be looking at various parts of the garden, weather permitting.

We are very pleased to hold the Gold Award for Wildlife Gardening from Cheshire Wildlife Trust