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Fines Herbes Box

The ‘Woody’ box contains the main ‘Fines Herbes’ used in classic  French cooking, comprising Chives, Tarragon, Chervil and Parsley. Fine Herbes Omelette Recipe Ingredients • 2 eggs, at room temperature • A small handful of...

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Salad Box and Provencal Mushrooms

The ‘woody’box holds some red and green salad bowl lettuces, plus some oregano. These lettuces are called ‘cut and come again’ (CCA) varieties. The lettuce can be cut down to a few inches from the base and then wait for it to...

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Lemon Flavoured Teas

Many herbs are lemon flavoured and make refreshing teas. The ‘Woody’ box contains: Variegated Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) — A hardy perennial , 30 – 80 cms, grows in sun/partial shade in most soils. Use the leaves to...

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Recipe: Edible Flower Salad

Spring flowers are now in full bloom so it is easy to add some colour and flavour to a lovely salad. The salad in the photo is made up of an avacodo, peeled and sliced, spring onions, walnuts, cheese (this is cheddar but milder...

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