Author: Christine


Once again the mice are being a pest! I left a bag of tulip bulbs ( yes I know they should be in!) in a plastic shopping bag in the polytunnel and returned to find a round hole in both bags and all of my Tulip ‘Angelique’ decimated. You wouldn’t think it was worth all the time and effort but I do find that the little pests particularly love this tulip. Not sure...

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I looked out of the bedroom window this morning to see a fox going across the garden and into the wildlife garden. It was very russet coloured with a white tail tip. It was also a nicely rounded fox, not one of the scrawny types that you sometimes see. It was nice seeing it, but it does make me worry about any leverets that may be in the...

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This week…8th November

I bought some salad leaves to put in the greenhouse so that I can have leaves over the winter. I’ve also sown my own seeds of rocket and winter density lettuce which will also go in the greenhouse. I’ve taken some late cuttings from penstemons and verbena and hope that they will...

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The nights are definitely drawing in now, a signal for Paul to give the hedges a final cut. He tries to trim the yew hedges in August, but it usually takes until late August – September to get around to the hawthorn hedges surrounding the garden – about 500 feet plus! We have been putting in native trees and shrubs along our boundary hedge and are developing some good plants of Hazels, Field maples, Roses, Quickthorn and some Blackberries and Honeysuckle. Disappointingly, the farmer next door has also been around ploughing and hedgecutting and has removed foliage on the fieldside very close to the boundary and ploughed up to a foot away from our garden. Such a shame that farmers are still doing this sort of thing. Last year we also planted some mixed trees and shrubs on the edge of our ‘Green Lane’ here. The previous owners had planted a row of beech hedging about 8 foot the boundary, but half of this hedge was killed after the garden was flooded. So we have replanted with a variety of hedgerow varieties. They have struggled a bit this year as it has been so hot, so lets hope there will be some rain for them in the Autumn. Paul has trimmed this hedge and this area is looking good now, no doubt inspired by the incredible hedging at Scampston Walled Gardens. However, the ideal is to leave on part of the...

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Gardens and Nurseries visited Sept 2013

We had a break in Yorkshire in the middle of September, and visited some lovely gardens and plant nurseries. Here’s a quick review and photos showing where we went: York Gate Garden, Adel, Leeds York Gate Garden is in fact north of Leeds! It is owned and run by ‘Perennial’, the Gardeners Royal Benevolent Society. As a keen herb grower I have seen pictures of the herb garden at York Gate in many herb books, but only found out where it was this year. So, of course, Paul and I had to make a visit. It is a one acre garden, but feels much bigger, and it owes much of its shape and design to the Arts and Crafts Movement. There is a lot of detailed hard landscaping – including a row of grindstones set in the path, and it is definitely my type of garden. The garden is full of interesting features and good planting. It has spurred me on to focus on some more hard landscaping and pots/ ornaments etc. here at Fieldcrest. The volunteers in the shop and the gardeners were most welcoming and helpful and we bought lots of plant from the small nursery. Pictures of various parts of the garden below. Definitely recommended. Details from...

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