Author: Christine

Jobs in the Garden for December

If you are very hardy and want to do some gardening in December, here are some jobs to do at this time of year: Carry on / Finish tidying up the borders by removing dead foliage and leaves. Move perennials if needed. Plant tulip bulbs a.s.a.p into the garden; it may be a good idea to put some grit or sand underneath them as the soil is so wet at the moment. Alternatively you can place the bulbs into pots and then take them out and plant them in the beds when you are ready. I find a three litre pot with about 5 bulbs in is good for this. Protect your pots from mice because they do like a snack of tulip bulbs. Prune trees such as Silver Birch before new leaves form in the Spring Put your feet up and plan what you want to do next year – definitely my preferred...

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Birds in the Garden

With the Cheshire Wildlife afternoon on Friday, I thought it might be a good idea to think about wildlife in the garden, so I will review bird life at Fieldcrest. Nesting Birds Great Tits We are thrilled that we have a great tit brooding 7 eggs in our live camera nest box. There will be live pictures in the Garden Room for visitors to see. It is all very tense as there are lots of magpies/jays in the garden who are a constant threat. Blackbirds A blackbird is nesting in the barn, with the nest resting perched on an old greenhouse frame at...

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This Week in the Garden…February 13th

Next week (February 14th– 21st) is National Nest Box Week. As the number of natural nesting sites in hedges, trees and old buildings has declined, providing artificial nesting sites is very important. I have been out in the garden looking at the various sites that we have for nesting birds. Being in a farming area we have a lot of hawthorn hedges around the garden which are excellent for nest sites, giving some degree of protection to the birds. We also have some beech hedging but this isn’t really dense enough for nests and we don’t find many nests in these sites. Shrubby areas...

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Cae Hir Gardens

Cae Hir, near Lampeter, Mid Wales In September 2014 we visited Cae Hir on our annual garden visiting holiday. The garden has been created and run by the Akkerman family and is an example of gardening on a steep slope – and I do mean a steep slope. However if you meander from bed to bed then you can get up the garden along well tended grass paths. There was lots to see and it is all set in beautiful Welsh countryside. Across the lane from the main garden is another area, with large ponds and trees – this one is pretty flat so much better for me. After viewing the garden we had a lovely Cream Tea in the small café. Julie has very kindly given me her scone recipe, so visitors to Fieldcrest will be able to sample them here this year. We were very lucky with the weather as it was dry and sunny, but I hope to return in mid summer and appreciate better the extensive perennial beds planted throughout. Cae Hir is an RHS Partner Garden and full details can be seen on their website....

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Winter flowers and scents

February is often quite a gloomy time and year, and the garden can look quite uninviting. However, if you are brave enough to venture out you will find that quite a few flowering shrubs produce delicate flowers which can cope with the winter conditions; some having the added advantage of being sweetly scented. Plants flowering from now on may also provide early nectar for early emerging bees and other insects in the garden. Here is a small selection of shrubs that we grow here to brighten our winter borders, and if, like me, you tend to hibernate overwinter, you...

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