We’re very excited to be hosting a series of events with Transformational Mind Coach Alison Blackler at 2minds in our garden room in the coming months. Click the event title for booking and more info

11 April 2018 6-8pm What Holds You Back

This mini workshop gives an insight into what often holds us back which is hidden. We all know that money, work, negativity, environments, lifestyles, people and ourselves have a big influence although there are hidden challenges which prevent us from having the life we want. Read more
11 May 10am-4pm Unlock Your Dreams – The power of a Vision BoardThis unique 1 day workshop combines the wonderful creative skills of Annie Lawrenson and the therapeutic approach of Alison Blackler, who will explore with you the barriers and blockages stopping you get the life you desire. Read More
What is it that makes some people appear to be able to cope with challenging situations and others seem to struggle? This mini workshop will help you: Look at your support networks and understand a positive relationship, Manage challenging relationships, Give you courage to make plans and take action to solve problems Read More
We are all influenced by others, lifestyle and our inner negative talk. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to listen to your inner self and be able to follow a new path that is right for you. This mini workshop will help you: Understand your relationship with yourself better, Understand how external and internal influences hold us back, Separate your instinct from doubt and uncertainty, Give you the courage to dare to dream with your true self