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Britain's Best Lawn Competition

Britain’s Best Lawn?

Paul's lawn has been shortlisted for Briggs and Stratton's Britain's Best Lawn 2014 - we're really pleased, and it would be great if we got enough votes on their facebook page to win! If you get … Read Full Article

Some from the Archives!

In the wildlife garden in November

We have lots of trees and bushes in the garden which hopefully provide shelter, food and nesting sites for the birds. The border next to the vegetable garden has been planted with a good number of berry bearing shrubs and trees. As we have now decided to start … Read Full Article


Wildlife in the Garden…14th February

Great excitement here this week! The camera birdbox which Paul had for Christmas has now got it's own resident Great Tit in situ. He has come every night since Tuesday and fluffs up his feathers to look like a little furry ball. I worry that he won't be warm … Read Full Article